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Count von Ferson

Ferson, Hans Axel, Count von. 1755 - 1810

Hans Axel, Count von Ferson, was the son of a Swedish politician. At an early age, von Ferson moved to France where he quickly became a favorite of the French court at Versailles. Marie Antoinette, the French queen, even appointed von Ferson the commander of a French regiment. This bit of favoritism fueled rumors that von Ferson and the queen were actually lovers.

At the height of these rumors, von Ferson was sent to America as senior Aide-de-camp to General Rochambeau. He stayed with Rochambeau throughout the army's stay in America. He returned to France in 1783, after serving three years in America.

He stayed in France for only a few months before deciding to return to Sweden. Von Ferson made one last trip to France. He returned to France at the outbreak of the French Revolution in an attempt to save the French Royal Family. He was unsucessful, the king and queen were eventually executed, and he returned to Sweden to live out the rest of his life.

Did You Know?

Re-enactor camp in 1981

The 9,000 American forces were in the minority during the Yorktown Campaign. The French army and navy combined for over 25,000 men, while the British army and navy participants numbered over 21,000.