• Yorktown Battlefield

    Yorktown Battlefield

    Part of Colonial National Historical Park Virginia

The Siege

Photo of Redoubt 10 on Yorktown Battlefield

Redoubt 10

NPS Photo

History of the Siege
Photo of Moore House

The Moore House on Yorktown Battlefield

Cliff and Jean Dickey

The Moore House and Articles of Capitulation
Lamb's Artillery Cannon Firing Demonstration

Lamb's Artillery Cannon Firing Demonstration


Lamb's Artillery


Did You Know?

Yorktown National Cemetery

During the Civil War, 632 Union dead were buried in the heart of the 1781 battlefield. In 1866 this cemetery became a national cemetery. Within a 50 mile radius, the remains of over 1500 Union soldiers were disinterred from their war burials and honorably placed in the Yorktown National Cemetery.