• Yorktown Battlefield

    Yorktown Battlefield

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American Units at Yorktown


Commander-in-Chief: General George Washington
Inspector General: Baron von Steuben
Adjutant General: Brigadier General Edward Hand
Chief of Artillery: Brigadier General Henry Knox
Chief Engineer: Brigadier General Louis Le Begne de Presle Duportail
Lieutenant Colonel Jonathon Trumbull, Jr.
Superintendent of Materials in the Trenches: Colonel Samuel Elbert
Commissary General: Colonel Ephraim Blaine
Quartermaster General: Colonel Timothy Pickering
Assistant Quartermaster General: Lieutenant Colonel Henry Dearborn
Chief Physician and Surgeon: Doctor James Craik
Aide-de-Camp: Lieutenant Colonel Tench Tilghman
Aide-de-Camp: Lieutenant Colonel David Humphreys
Aide-de-Camp: Lieutenant Colonel David Cobb
Aide-de-Camp: Lieutenant Colonel William S. Smith
Aide-de-Camp: Lieutenant Colonel John Laurens

Right Wing: Major General Benjamin Lincoln

First Division(Light Infantry): Major General Marquis de Lafayette
Advance Guard
Pennsylvania Volunteer Riflemen: Major William Parr
4th Regiment Continental Light Dragoons: Colonel Stephan Moylan
Armand's Partisan Corps: Colonel Charles Teffin Armand

First Brigade: Brigadier General John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg
First Battalion (8 Massachusetts Companies): Colonel Joseph Vose
Second Battalion (1 Rhode Island, 2 Massachusetts and 5 Connecticut Companies): Lieutenant Colonel de Gimat
Third Battalion (1 New Jersey and 5 New Hampshire Companies): Lieutenant Colonel Francis Barber

Second Brigade: Brevet Brigadier General Moses Hazen
First Battalion (1 Connecticut and 4 Massachusetts Companies): Lieutenant Colonel Ebenezer Huntington
Second Battalion (2 New York and 5 Connecticut Companies): Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Hamilton
Third Battalion (1 Massachusetts, 1 Connecticut and 4 New Hampshire Companies): Lieutenant Colonel John Laurens
Second Canadian Regiment: Lieutenant Colonel Edward Antill

Second Division: Major General Baron von Steuben
First Brigade: Brigadier General Mordecai Gist
3d Maryland Regiment: Lieutenant Colonel Peter Adams
4th Maryland Regiment: Major Alexander Roxburg
Delaware Recruits (attached to 3d Maryland): Captain William McKennan

Second Brigade: Brigadier General Anthony Wayne
1st Pennsylvania Battalion: Colonel Walter Stewart
2d Pennsylvania Battalion: Colonel Richard Butler
Virginia Battalion: Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Gaskins

Third Division: Major General Benjamin Lincoln
First Brigade: Brigadier General James Clinton
1st New York Regiment: Colonel Goose Van Shaick
2d New York Regiment: Colonel Philip Van Cortland

Second Brigade: Colonel Elias Dayton
1st and 2d New Jersey Regiments (combined): Colonel Mathias Ogden
1st Rhode Island Regiment: Lieutenant Colonel Jeremiah Olney

Attached Units
Artillery Brigade: Brigadier General Henry Knox
Detachment, 1st Continental Artillery: Lieutenant Colonel Edward Carrington
2d Continental Artillery: Colonel John Lamb
Detachment, 4th Continental Artillery: Captain Patrick Duffy

Engineers: Brigadier General Duportail

Detachment, Sappers and Miners: Captain James Gilliland

1st Virginia State Regiment in Continental Service: Colonel Charles Dabney

Virginia Militia Division: Brigadier General Thomas Nelson, Jr.
1st Brigade: Brigadier General Robert Lawson
2d Brigade: Brigadier General Edward Stevens
Weedon's Brigade: Brigadier General George Weedon
Lewis' Rifle Corps: Colonel William I. Lewis

Compiled from Colonial National Historical Park Historic Resource Study The Allies at Yorktown: A Bicentennial History of the Siege of 1781 by Jerome A. Greene, November 1976

Did You Know?

Civil War Earthworks around Yorktown

Yorktown played a role in not only the American Revolution but also during the Civil War. In 1862 it was the site of the first siege operations of the Civil War. In May 1862 Confederates abandoned Yorktown and Union troops occupied it for the remainder of the war.