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"Are amphibians declining in YNP?" Patla, Debra and Peterson, Chuck, 7:1
"Amphibians and Disease: Implications for Conservation in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem," Corn, Paul Stephen, 15:2
"Biodiversity and 'Crystal' Salamanders," McMenamin, Sarah K., 17:1

"Yellowstone River Valley Site Inventory," Shortt, Mack W., 9:2
"Record of Early People on Yellowstone Lake," Shortt, Mack W., 11:4
"A Volunteer's Perspective," Reynolds, John, 11:4
"Archeology 101," Johnson, Ann, 11:4
"Stone Circles in Yellowstone," Livers, Michael, 20:2
"Following the Path of Stone," Doss, Paul K. and Bleichroth, Amy, 20:2

"Yellowstone, Art, and Aesthetic Conservation," Hassrick, Peter, H., 13:3

"Campsite use/forest structure," Taylor, James Y., 5:1
"Wilderness users attitudes about llama packing," Blanha, Dale J. and Archibald, Kari S., 5:3
"What Draws People to Yellowstone's Backcountry," Oosterhous, Tim, Mike Legg, and Ray Darville, 15:3

"Yellowstone's World of Bats: Taking Inventory of Yellowstone's Night Life," Keinath, Douglas A., 15:3

"Aversive conditioning," Gillin, Collin M.; Hammond, Forest M.; and Peterson, Craig M., 3:1
"Natural history and high-tech methods," French, Marilynn and Steve (interview), 3:2
"Human injuries, 1970-94," Gunther, Kerry, and Hoekstra, Hopi, 4:1
"Saving North America's Grizzly Bear Ecosystems," Herrero, Steve (interview), 4:3
"The Grizzly Bears of Yellowstone: Their Ecology in the Yellowstone Ecosystem, 1959-1992," Boyce, Mark (book review by), 5:1
"24 years of study," Knight, Richard R. (interview), 6:1
"Rural residential development and grizzlies," Johnson, Vanessa K., 9:2
"Grizzly bear predation on bison (Nature Notes)," Varely, Nathan and Wyman, Travis, 9:3
"Bear on Bear Predation in Hayden Valley," Gunther, Kerry A. and Mark J. Biel, 10:4
"Grizzly bear nutrition and ecology," Robbins, Charles T.; Schwartz, Charles, C.; Gunther, Kerry A.; and Chris Servheen, 14:3
"Bears in transition 1959-1970s," Meagher, Mary, 16:2
"From garbage, controversy, and decline to recovery," Haroldson, Mark A.;Schwartz, Charles C.; Gunther, Kerry A., 16:2
"Delisting the Yellowstone Grizzly," Servheen, Christopher; Shoemaker, Rebecca, 16:2
"Delisted but not forgotten," Gunther, Kerry A., 16:2
"Human habituated bears," Human Habituated Bears, 16:2
"Possible grizzly cub adoption in Yellowstone National Park (Nature Note)," Haroldson, Mark A.; Gunther, Kerry A.; Wyman, Travis, 16:2
"NATURE NOTE-A playful meeting between two keystone predators in the park," Ward, Nancy, 19:2

"Beavers of Yellowstone," Smith, Douglas W. and Tyers, Daniel B., 16:3

"Bald eagle," Harmata, Al, 2:3
"White-tailed ptarmiganm," McEneaney, Terry, 3:2
"Black-throated sparrow," McEneaney, Terry, 3:3
"Harlequin ducks," McEneaney, Terry, 5:2
"Peregrine falcons," McEneaney, Terry; Heinrich, Bill; and Oakleaf, Bob, 6:2
"Whooping cranes," Clegg, Kent (interview), 7:1
"Christmas bird counts 20th century," McEneaney, Terry, 9:1 "Christmas bird count 2001 (Nature Note)," McEneaney, Terry, 10:1 "Additions to Yellowstone checklist, Raven predation (Nature Notes)," McEneaney, Terry, 12:3
"Yellowstone's trumpeter swans in peril?," White, P.J.; Proffitt, Kelly M.; McEneaney,Terry P.; Garrrot, Robert L.; and Smith, Doug W., 19:3

"Brucellosis," Boyce, Mark S., 3:1
"Winter effects on," Meagher, Mary (interview), 5:2
"Grizzly bear predation on bison (Nature Notes)," Varely, Nathan and Wyman, Travis, 9:3
"Snowmobile vs. bison (Nature Note)," Hare, Hobie, 10:2
"Do groomed roads increase bison mileage?" Franke, Mary Ann, 13:4 "Brucellosis in Yellowstone bison: Implications for Conservation Management," Treanor, John J., Richard L. Wallen, David S. Maehr, and Philip H. Crowley, 15:2
"Carrying capacity and movements of Yellowstone bison," White, P.J., Plumb, Glenn E., Coughenour, Michael B., Wallen, Rick L., 19:1 "Balancing brucellosis risk management and wildlife conservation," White, P.J., Treanor , John J., Wallen, Rick L., 19:1
"SHORTS-Nutrient cycling: transitioning from an elk- to bison-dominated grassland system," White, P.J., Plumb, Glenn E., Wallen, Rick L. 19:1

"Balancing brucellosis risk management and wildlife conservation," White, P.J.,Treanor, John J.Wallen, Rick L, 19:1

"Global change in greater Yellowstone," Romme, William H., and Turner, Monica G., 1:1
"Weather data and snow," Farnes, Phil, 5:2
"Reconstructing climate history," Elias, Scott A., 5:4
"Crevice Lake sediment records," Whitlock, Cathy 10:1
"Plants exposed to high levels of carbon dioxide in Yellowstone National Park," Tercek, Michael T., Al-Niemi, Thamir S., and Stout, Richard G., 16:1
"Yellowstone's Temperate Grasslands," Risch, A.C.; Frank, D.A., 19:2

"Keynote address from 7th scientific conference," Sanderson, Dr. Steven E., 12:1
"8th Biennial Scientific Conference Summary Wondrak," Biel, Alice, 13:4

"Kenyan conservationist offers thoughts on Yellowstone," Leakey, Richard (interview), 10:3
"Mardy Murie turns 100," Schullery, Paul, 10:4
"The Froth and the Fury," Roosevelt, Theodore IV, 11:4
"Saving the charmed goose: Thoughts on a new strategy for conservation in the "Next West," Preston, Charles R., 13:4
"Robertson's Echo: The Conservation Ethic in the Establishment of Yellowstone and Royal National Parks," Scott, Kim Allen, 19:3

"Studies," Crabtree, Robert L. (interview), 3:4
"Ecological role of coyotes on northern range," Crabtree, Robert L. and Sheldon, Jennifer W., 7:2
"Wolf-coyote interaction (Nature Note)," Robinson, Betsy and Gehman, Steve, 8:1
"Infectious Diseases in Yellowstone's Canid Community," Almberg, Emily S.; Cross, Paul C.; Mech L., David; Smith, Doug, W.; Sheldon, Jennifer, W.; Crabtree, Robert, L., 19:2

"Calf predation," Harting, Bert (interview), 1:2
"Why do elk eat burned bark?" White, P.J., and Garrott, Robert A., 1:4
"Bark eating by elk," Henry, Jeff, 2:4
"Migratory behavior of the Jackson elk herd," Smith, Bruce, 4:3 "Ungulate management," review of National Academy of Science Committee, 7:3
"Reduction program, oral history of," Cole, Glen; Good, John; Haraden, Robert, 8:2
"Elk calf mortality post-wolf restoration," Barber, Shannon M., L. David Mech, and P.J. White, 13:3
"Chronic wasting disease: Planning for an inevitable dilemma," White, P. J., and Troy Davis, 15:2
"Balancing brucellosis risk management and wildlife conservation," White, P.J., Treanor, John J., Wallen, Rick L., 19:1
"SHORTS-nutrient cycling: transitioning from an elk- to bison-dominated grassland system," White, P.J., Wallen, Rick L., 19:1
"Are Wolves Saving Yellowstone's Aspen?" Kauffman, M.J.; Brodie, J.F.; Jules, E.S., 19:2

Endangered Species
"Wolverines in Greater Yellowstone," Murphy, Kerry; Wilmot, Jason; Copeland, Jeff; Tyers, Dan and Squires, John 19:3

Endemic Species
"Endemic Plants of Yellowstone," Whipple, Jennifer J., 20:1

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