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Yellowstone Science Topics

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Index of issues listed by topic, with author

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"Are amphibians declining in YNP?" Patla, Debra and Peterson, Chuck, 7:1
"Amphibians and Disease: Implications for Conservation in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem," Corn, Paul Stephen, 15:2
"Biodiversity and 'Crystal' Salamanders," McMenamin, Sarah K., 17:1

"Yellowstone River Valley Site Inventory," Shortt, Mack W., 9:2
"Record of Early People on Yellowstone Lake," Shortt, Mack W., 11:4
"A Volunteer's Perspective," Reynolds, John, 11:4
"Archeology 101," Johnson, Ann, 11:4
"Stone Circles in Yellowstone," Livers, Michael, 20:2
"Following the Path of Stone," Doss, Paul K. and Bleichroth, Amy, 20:2

"Yellowstone, Art, and Aesthetic Conservation," Hassrick, Peter, H., 13:3

"Campsite use/forest structure," Taylor, James Y., 5:1
"Wilderness users attitudes about llama packing," Blanha, Dale J. and Archibald, Kari S., 5:3
"What Draws People to Yellowstone's Backcountry," Oosterhous, Tim, Mike Legg, and Ray Darville, 15:3

"Yellowstone's World of Bats: Taking Inventory of Yellowstone's Night Life," Keinath, Douglas A., 15:3

"Aversive conditioning," Gillin, Collin M.; Hammond, Forest M.; and Peterson, Craig M., 3:1
"Natural history and high-tech methods," French, Marilynn and Steve (interview), 3:2
"Human injuries, 1970-94," Gunther, Kerry, and Hoekstra, Hopi, 4:1
"Saving North America's Grizzly Bear Ecosystems," Herrero, Steve (interview), 4:3
"The Grizzly Bears of Yellowstone: Their Ecology in the Yellowstone Ecosystem, 1959-1992," Boyce, Mark (book review by), 5:1
"24 years of study," Knight, Richard R. (interview), 6:1
"Rural residential development and grizzlies," Johnson, Vanessa K., 9:2
"Grizzly bear predation on bison (Nature Notes)," Varely, Nathan and Wyman, Travis, 9:3
"Bear on Bear Predation in Hayden Valley," Gunther, Kerry A. and Mark J. Biel, 10:4
"Grizzly bear nutrition and ecology," Robbins, Charles T.; Schwartz, Charles, C.; Gunther, Kerry A.; and Chris Servheen, 14:3
"Bears in transition 1959-1970s," Meagher, Mary, 16:2
"From garbage, controversy, and decline to recovery," Haroldson, Mark A.;Schwartz, Charles C.; Gunther, Kerry A., 16:2
"Delisting the Yellowstone Grizzly," Servheen, Christopher; Shoemaker, Rebecca, 16:2
"Delisted but not forgotten," Gunther, Kerry A., 16:2
"Human habituated bears," Human Habituated Bears, 16:2
"Possible grizzly cub adoption in Yellowstone National Park (Nature Note)," Haroldson, Mark A.; Gunther, Kerry A.; Wyman, Travis, 16:2
"NATURE NOTE-A playful meeting between two keystone predators in the park," Ward, Nancy, 19:2

"Beavers of Yellowstone," Smith, Douglas W. and Tyers, Daniel B., 16:3

"Bald eagle," Harmata, Al, 2:3
"White-tailed ptarmiganm," McEneaney, Terry, 3:2
"Black-throated sparrow," McEneaney, Terry, 3:3
"Harlequin ducks," McEneaney, Terry, 5:2
"Peregrine falcons," McEneaney, Terry; Heinrich, Bill; and Oakleaf, Bob, 6:2
"Whooping cranes," Clegg, Kent (interview), 7:1
"Christmas bird counts 20th century," McEneaney, Terry, 9:1 "Christmas bird count 2001 (Nature Note)," McEneaney, Terry, 10:1 "Additions to Yellowstone checklist, Raven predation (Nature Notes)," McEneaney, Terry, 12:3
"Yellowstone's trumpeter swans in peril?," White, P.J.; Proffitt, Kelly M.; McEneaney,Terry P.; Garrrot, Robert L.; and Smith, Doug W., 19:3

"Brucellosis," Boyce, Mark S., 3:1
"Winter effects on," Meagher, Mary (interview), 5:2
"Grizzly bear predation on bison (Nature Notes)," Varely, Nathan and Wyman, Travis, 9:3
"Snowmobile vs. bison (Nature Note)," Hare, Hobie, 10:2
"Do groomed roads increase bison mileage?" Franke, Mary Ann, 13:4 "Brucellosis in Yellowstone bison: Implications for Conservation Management," Treanor, John J., Richard L. Wallen, David S. Maehr, and Philip H. Crowley, 15:2
"Carrying capacity and movements of Yellowstone bison," White, P.J., Plumb, Glenn E., Coughenour, Michael B., Wallen, Rick L., 19:1 "Balancing brucellosis risk management and wildlife conservation," White, P.J., Treanor , John J., Wallen, Rick L., 19:1
"SHORTS-Nutrient cycling: transitioning from an elk- to bison-dominated grassland system," White, P.J., Plumb, Glenn E., Wallen, Rick L. 19:1

"Balancing brucellosis risk management and wildlife conservation," White, P.J.,Treanor, John J.Wallen, Rick L, 19:1

"Global change in greater Yellowstone," Romme, William H., and Turner, Monica G., 1:1
"Weather data and snow," Farnes, Phil, 5:2
"Reconstructing climate history," Elias, Scott A., 5:4
"Crevice Lake sediment records," Whitlock, Cathy 10:1
"Plants exposed to high levels of carbon dioxide in Yellowstone National Park," Tercek, Michael T., Al-Niemi, Thamir S., and Stout, Richard G., 16:1
"Yellowstone's Temperate Grasslands," Risch, A.C.; Frank, D.A., 19:2

"Keynote address from 7th scientific conference," Sanderson, Dr. Steven E., 12:1
"8th Biennial Scientific Conference Summary Wondrak," Biel, Alice, 13:4

"Kenyan conservationist offers thoughts on Yellowstone," Leakey, Richard (interview), 10:3
"Mardy Murie turns 100," Schullery, Paul, 10:4
"The Froth and the Fury," Roosevelt, Theodore IV, 11:4
"Saving the charmed goose: Thoughts on a new strategy for conservation in the "Next West," Preston, Charles R., 13:4
"Robertson's Echo: The Conservation Ethic in the Establishment of Yellowstone and Royal National Parks," Scott, Kim Allen, 19:3

"Studies," Crabtree, Robert L. (interview), 3:4
"Ecological role of coyotes on northern range," Crabtree, Robert L. and Sheldon, Jennifer W., 7:2
"Wolf-coyote interaction (Nature Note)," Robinson, Betsy and Gehman, Steve, 8:1
"Infectious Diseases in Yellowstone's Canid Community," Almberg, Emily S.; Cross, Paul C.; Mech L., David; Smith, Doug, W.; Sheldon, Jennifer, W.; Crabtree, Robert, L., 19:2

"Calf predation," Harting, Bert (interview), 1:2
"Why do elk eat burned bark?" White, P.J., and Garrott, Robert A., 1:4
"Bark eating by elk," Henry, Jeff, 2:4
"Migratory behavior of the Jackson elk herd," Smith, Bruce, 4:3 "Ungulate management," review of National Academy of Science Committee, 7:3
"Reduction program, oral history of," Cole, Glen; Good, John; Haraden, Robert, 8:2
"Elk calf mortality post-wolf restoration," Barber, Shannon M., L. David Mech, and P.J. White, 13:3
"Chronic wasting disease: Planning for an inevitable dilemma," White, P. J., and Troy Davis, 15:2
"Balancing brucellosis risk management and wildlife conservation," White, P.J., Treanor, John J., Wallen, Rick L., 19:1
"SHORTS-nutrient cycling: transitioning from an elk- to bison-dominated grassland system," White, P.J., Wallen, Rick L., 19:1
"Are Wolves Saving Yellowstone's Aspen?" Kauffman, M.J.; Brodie, J.F.; Jules, E.S., 19:2

Endangered Species
"Wolverines in Greater Yellowstone," Murphy, Kerry; Wilmot, Jason; Copeland, Jeff; Tyers, Dan and Squires, John 19:3

Endemic Species
"Endemic Plants of Yellowstone," Whipple, Jennifer J., 20:1

Did You Know?

Bear Cubs

Even though the animals of Yellowstone seem tame they are still wild. Feeding the animals is not permitted in any way, and all visitors must keep 100 yards away from wolves and bears, and 25 yards from other animals.