Visiting in Spring

Steam rises from thermal features.

Springtime in the Norris Geyser Basin often means snow. If it isn't snowy in the geyser basins it because of the warm from thermal ground, it is usually snowy in the surrounding area.



If you like to avoid crowds, spring is the quietest time to visit the park. But please remember that Yellowstone is at a high elevation and while our calendars say spring, it may seem more like winter to some.

Between mid-March and the beginning of May there are few services available, but the roads in the northern end of the park are plowed and spring skiing is popular. Check out our Current Conditions page to find frequent updates.

Other park roads to popular features begin to open to public wheeled vehicle travel the 3rd Friday in April By May, the park awakens from a long winter and the large mammals here begin to give birth. The beautiful red colored baby bison arrive first, followed by baby elk and then the emergence of mother bears and their cubs.

As June gets going, some days are closer to winter than summer here. As the snow abates, wildflowers begin to cover the landscape.This is a great time to visit, but the days can be cold and wet. Many of the hiking trails are still snowed in, but there is good hiking in the north end of the park.

In the spring before park roads open to motorized vehicles, some roads are open to non-motorized recreational vehicles such as bicycles, roller skis, and roller blades. There will be some administrative vehicles traveling the roads at this time so be careful and remember to ride single file.


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