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  • Craig Pass Closed for the Season

    The road linking West Thumb and Old Faithful is closed for the season—traffic should detour through West Thumb, Lake, and Canyon. More »

Yellowstone Resources and Issues

In this book, updated for 2014, you will find concise information about the park's history, natural and cultural resources, and issues.




Contents, Welcome, Park Facts i (1.4 MB pdf)
Frequently Asked Questions 3 (394 KB pdf)
History of the Park 13 (740 KB pdf)
Preserving Cultural Resources 29 (609 KB pdf)
Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem 53 (2.8 MB pdf)
Geology 99 (2.6 MB pdf)
Life in Extreme Heat 119 (433 KB pdf)
Vegetation 131 (4.3 MB pdf)
Fire 147 (958 KB pdf)
Wildlife 161 (5 MB pdf)
The Whole Book (18.6 MB pdf)

Did You Know?

Yellowstone Wolf.

There were no wolves in Yellowstone in 1994. The wolves that were reintroduced in 1995 and 1996 thrived and there are now over 300 of their descendents living in the Greater Yellowstone Area.