Publications Related to Yellowstone

Most of these publications are in PDF format and can be viewed or printed using Adobe Acrobat Reader (available free, online).


Trip Planning Information


Learn About the Park

  • Yellowstone Resources and Issues Handbook: The handbook our naturalists use to answer many basic park questions. The book is updated annually.
  • Yellowstone Science: A magazine devoted to Yellowstone's natural and cultural resources. It features articles about research, conferences, or other special events in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, provides scientists with an opportunity to communicate and exchange ideas, and keeps the public informed about scientific endeavors in and around the park.
  • Wildlife and Science research publications.
  • History publications.

Planning and Compliance Documents

  • Park Planning: Planning projects in Yellowstone National Park, including Environmental Impact Statements (EISs), Environmental Assessments (EAs), management plans, and decision documents, such as Findings of No Significant Impact (FONSIs) and Records of Decision (RODs).
  • Winter Use Planning: EAs, EISs, FONSIs, RODs, and other reports related to Winter Use Planning in the National Parks of the Greater Yellowstone Area.
  • Long Range Interpretive Plan (1.6MB PDF): A 10-year plan for the Division of Interpretation.
  • Yellowstone National Park Strategic Plan (1.9 MB PDF): This publication was produced to fulfill the requirements of the Government Performance and Results Act of 1993 and to provide direction in our efforts to achieve the National Park Service mission.
  • Yellowstone National Park Business Plan - July 2003: The purpose of business planning in the National Park Service is to improve the abilities of parks to more clearly communicate their financial status with principal stakeholders.

Rules and Regulations

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