Old Faithful Vicinity Accessible Features


Wheelchair Rental
Wheelchairs can be rented at the medical clinic for a $300 deposit and $10 per day. Wheelchairs are available for loan at all lodging facilities and the visitor center while in the area.

Old Faithful Visitor Center

Medical Clinic

Restrooms in the lodging buildings are accessible. Visitor center is wheelchair-accessible.

Designated Accessible Parking
Front and rear of Old Faithful Inn; in front of Old Faithful Visitor Education Center, Old Faithful Lodge & Snow Lodge, and stores.

Food Service
Geyser Grill (located in Snow Lodge): Fast food.
Old Faithful Inn & Snow Lodge: Dining rooms.
Old Faithful Lodge: Cafeteria, snack bar.

All stores are wheelchair-accessible.

Old Faithful Inn: Eight accessible rooms.
Old Faithful Snowlodge: Five accessible rooms and one accessible cabin.

No camping at Old Faithful; see Madison Junction and Grant Village for nearest campgrounds.

Wheelchair-accessible shower in the Old Faithful Inn.

Picnic Areas
East Lot (on map): Wheelchair-accessible table.
Whiskey Flat (north of Biscuit Basin): Wheelchair-accessible table.


Films & Exhibits
The Old Faithful Visitor Education Center has wheelchair accessible exhibits, including tactile displays, and audio described and captioned films.

Area Trail Guides
Available for 50¢ at the visitor center and near the boardwalks. The Old Faithful guide describes the Upper Geyser Basin. The Fountain
Paint Pot guide serves that area, see below.

Ranger-led Programs
The schedule is in the park newspaper, Yellowstone Today, on the website, and posted around the area. Evening programs are wheelchair-accessible; others as noted in the schedule.


Geyser Basins
Upper Geyser Basin: Wheelchair-accessible walkways lead from all parking areas to Old Faithful Geyser, and from the visitor center to other hydrothermal features. The paved path is also accessible from the general store downhill from the Old Faithful Inn.

Black Sand Basin: One mile (1.6 km) north of the Old Faithful intersection on the main road. A few steep sections on the boardwalk.

Biscuit Basin: Three miles (5 km) north of the Old Faithful intersection on the main road. Wheelchair-accessible.

Midway Geyser Basin: 5.5 miles (8.9 km) north of the Old Faithful intersection on the main road. Wheelchair-accessible parking, boardwalk, and restrooms.

Fountain Paint Pot & Firehole Lake Drive
Firehole Lake Drive: Eight miles (12.6 km) north of the Old Faithful intersection on the main road. Boardwalks are wheelchair accessible; no restrooms.

Fountain Paint Pot: Nine miles (14.5 km) north of Old Faithful. Trail has steep portions and steps; visitors using wheelchairs may need

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