Grant Village Vicinity Accessible Features


Grant Visitor Center
West Thumb Information Center

Both visitor facilities are wheelchair-accessible.

Grant Village: Grant Restaurant, general store, Loop A of campground. At visitor center, wheelchair users may require assistance.
West Thumb: By the the parking area.

Designated Accessible Parking
Grant Village: Visitor center, Grant Restaurant, camper services building (but no curb cut), lodging registration building, post office, and general stores.

Food Service
Grant Village: Grant Restaurant (dining room); Lake House at Grant (fast food); general store (fast food).

Grant Village: General store, gift shop in lodge registration building, bookstore in visitor center.

Grant Village:
The lodge registration building is wheelchair-accessible; 12 wheelchair-accessible lodging units.

Three wheelchair-accessible sites.

In the Camper Services Building, but wheelchair users may require assistance getting into the building because there is no curb cut.

Boat Launch
The boat launch at Grant Village is wheelchair accessible.


Films & Exhibits
Films at Grant Visitor Center are captioned and audio described.

West Thumb Geyser Basin Trail Guide
Available for 50¢ at the Grant Visitor Center, West Thumb Information Center, and near the boardwalks. The guide describes the basin’s hydrothermal features.

Ranger-led Programs
Offered in summer. The schedule is in the park newspaper, Yellowstone Today, on the website, and posted around the area. Evening programs at the amphitheater are wheelchair-accessible;
others as noted in the schedule.


West Thumb Geyser Basin
The waters of this geyser basin flow into Yellowstone Lake, the largest lake at high elevation in North America. Enjoy the views of
the hydrothermal features, the lake, and the Absaroka Range from the boardwalk. Visitors using wheelchairs may need assistance on the lower loop, which has grades up to 10 percent.

Lewis Falls
11.3 miles (18.3 km) south of West Thumb Junction, this cascade on the Lewis River can be viewed from a pullout along the road. No designated parking, but the pullout may have enough room to maneuver a wheelchair.

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