• An aerial view of Old Faithful erupting taken from Observation Point with the Old Faithful Inn to the side.


    National Park ID,MT,WY

Permitted Bicycle Businesses

A commercial business permit is required to guide trips in Yellowstone National Park. The table below lists guided bicycle touring businesses which have permits to operate in Yellowstone National Park.

Adventure Cycling Association
(406) 721-1776
Alta Expedition USA/Canada, Inc.
(702) 800-3556
Xanterra Adventures, Inc.
(406) 655-4591
Backroads, Inc
(510) 527-1889
Cycle America
(800) 983-3263
Escape Adventures, Inc.
(702) 2743862
Teton Mountain Bike Tours
(307) 733-0712
Timberline Bicycle Tours
(303) 368-4418
Western Spirit Cycling
(435) 259-8732
Wilderness Ventures
(307) 733-2122
Woman Tour, Inc.
(208) 232-5293
Xanterra Parks & Resorts
(866) 439-7375
Yellowstone Luxury Tours
(406) 995-4895
Yellowstone Mountain Club
(406) 600-5152

Did You Know?

Dog Hooked to Travois for Transporting Goods.

Some groups of Shoshone Indians, who adapted to a mountain existence, chose not to acquire the horse. These included the Sheep Eaters, or Tukudika, who used dogs to transport food, hides, and other provisions. The Sheep Eaters lived in many locations in Yellowstone.