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Upper Geyser Basin Video Tour

Portrait of Park Ranger Orville Bach
Join Park Ranger Orville Bach on this video tour of his favorite place on earth, the Upper Geyser Basin in Yellowstone National Park. To watch a video, select a link from the list or trail map below. Each stop is less than three minutes in length.

By watching the videos in order, the presentation will occur just as it would if you had joined Ranger Orville for a "real" walk in the park.

List of Stops

Stop 1 - Introduction

Stop 2 - Castle Geyser
Stop 3 - Crested Pool
Stop 4 - Skeleton Trees
Stop 5 - Firehole River
Stop 6 - South Scalloped Spring
Stop 7 - Scalloped Spring
Stop 8 - Sawmill
Stop 9 - Belgian Pool
Stop 10 - Grand Geyser
Stop 11 - Economic Geyser
Stop 12 - Chromatic and Beauty Pools
Stop 13 - Oblong Geyser
Stop 14 - Giant Geyser
Stop 15 - Grotto Geyser
Stop 16 - Riverside Geyser
Stop 17 - Morning Glory Pool

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