• An aerial view of Old Faithful erupting taken from Observation Point with the Old Faithful Inn to the side.


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Wildland Fire Program

The Wildland Fire Program has two goals:

1. To suppress wildfires that are human-caused or that threaten people, property or resource values.

2. To ensure that naturally ignited wildland fires may burn freely as an ecosystem process.

Achievement of these goals involves maintaining fire readiness, reducing hazardous fuel loads, monitoring natural ignitions, and researching the effects of fire on Yellowstone's ecosystems.

To accomplish these tasks the Wildland Fire Program has several crews: Helitack, Suppression, Fire Monitors, and Fire Effects. In these web pages you will find information on the various parts of our program. Additionally we offer a current wildland information on Fire Ecology, the techniques of Prescribed Fire and Fire Suppression, and References and Links to wildland fire information.

Fire Activity in the Park
See our main Fire Management page for more information about the names, locations and status of fires during the current fire season.


Did You Know?

Dog Hooked to Travois for Transporting Goods.

Some groups of Shoshone Indians, who adapted to a mountain existence, chose not to acquire the horse. These included the Sheep Eaters, or Tukudika, who used dogs to transport food, hides, and other provisions. The Sheep Eaters lived in many locations in Yellowstone.