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Education: Goals and Objectives

Simple tools measure the potential for solar energy in different locations throughout the park.

Engage stakeholders in Yellowstone's sustainability journey

  • Develop an annual progress report on sustainable actions allowing park staff and partners to learn from both successes and challenges. (Action items due: Annual)

  • Solicit input on strategies and actions for sustainability from employees at all levels. (Action items due: Ongoing)

  • Regularly communicate sustainability initiatives, ideas and issues using a variety of methods to reach a wide audience of internal and external contacts. (Action items due: Ongoing)

  • Implement a communication strategy to share information among: park management, other NPS and concessions staff involved in the Environmental Management Program and organizations working on sustainability in the Greater Yellowstone Area. (Action items due: 2012)

Tell a compelling story that powerfully communicates our vision and goals and inspires sustainability efforts within and beyond Yellowstone.

  • Identify key messages for sustainability and environmental stewardship. (Action items due: 2012)

  • Incorporate sustainability messages into appropriate plans, publications and media, educational programs and communication with visitors. (Action items due: 2013)

  • Ensure that messages are unified and consistent across the NPS and its concessioners. (Action items due: 2013)

  • Engage the general public and publicize progress and successes on sustainable actions. Highest success stories and lessons learned. (Action items due: 2013)

  • Educate and engage youth, incorporating sustainability into youth programs, and providing opportunities for youth to work on sustainability projects. (Action items due: Ongoing)

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