• An aerial view of Old Faithful erupting taken from Observation Point with the Old Faithful Inn to the side.


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Wildland Fire Activity in the Park

When fires occur in Yellowstone they are posted on a Fire Map (jpg) which shows the names, locations and status of fires during the current season. For more information about fire conditions, restrictions and recent activity, see our news page, or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Wildland Fire Program

Our Wildland Fire Program pages explain how fires are managed within the park, and contain a wealth of information on fire ecology and the role that fire plays in the ecosystem.


Fire Activity During the Current Season

ID # Name of Fire Cause Start

1401 Rescue Creek Human 06/24/14 Out 0.1
1402 Landslide Lightning 7/4/2014 Out 0.1
1403 Specimen Lightning 7/5/2014 Out 0.1
1404 Line Human 7/24/2014 Out 0.1

See Yellowstone's Archived Fire Reports for past fire activity through 1999.

Where to get more information on active fires

1. InciWeb (an interagency system that tracks fire-related incidents across the U.S.),
2. Yellowstone's Twitter page
3. News pages

The Teton Fire page provides additional info about other fires burning in the Greater Yellowstone Basin.

For questions about fires while visiting the park, contact Visitor Services.

Did You Know?

Bison in Yellowstone.

There are more people hurt by bison than by bears each year in Yellowstone. Park regulations state that visitors must stay at least 25 yards away from bison or elk and 100 yards away from bears.