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  • Construction Work To Result In Yellowstone Road Closures After Labor Day

    Two sections of Yellowstone’s Grand Loop Road will be closed due to construction after the Labor Day holiday weekend. Travel between some points will involve long detours and significantly longer than normal travel times. More »

Film, Photography and Sound Recording Permits

Film, Photo & Sound Recording Regulations (39 KB pdf) Permit Application (139 KB pdf)
Links labeled "pdf" require Adobe Acrobat Reader (Free Online)

Filming in Yellowstone

Filming, photography and sound recording permits are considered in the order they are received. All applications must be completed in detail and returned with the permit application and non-refundable application fee. A minimum of two weeks is required to process an application and issue a permit.

For questions please contact:

Rachel Cudmore
Commercial Film Permits Coordinator
307-344-2722 or e-mail us
Tammy Wert
Fee & Film program Manager
307-344-2115 or e-mail us

Who Needs a Permit?

  • Commercial/ student/ non-profit/ documentary/ promotional/ educational films or entertainment broadcasts
  • Any person filming stock footage or for the potential use of stock footage REGARDLESS OF EQUIPMENT
  • Still photography using models (anybody intentionally posing for the camera), sets or props
  • Time-lapse photography if outcome of photographs will be used in a motion picture format
  • Sound recording projects that require more than handheld equipment, more than one person or NPS oversight
  • Wedding/ portrait photography if final product will be used for advertisement of any kind

Permit Types and Fees

The application fee covers up to three hours of administrative time involved in such things as phone calls, correspondence, application review, project consultation, scheduling park staff, issuing a filming permit (when appropriate), and providing follow-up and billing. Administrative time over three hours will be billed at a rate of $65/hour.

Production FILM permit: $200
(valid for a single production/project)

Student FILM or PHOTOGRAPHY Permit*: $150
(valid for a single production OR annual stock permit only for students with proof of current enrollment of an accredited school)

Stock FILM footage (Annual Permit): $200
(valid for a crew of 2 with minimal equipment for 12 months. Note: this permit is subject to change as location fee schedule changes)

Sound Recording: $200

Still Photography Permits: $200

NPS Monitors

Yellowstone National Park staff will be required to monitor certain filming, photography and sound recording activities. Crews are responsible for paying daily location fees and for monitors as well as any staff costs associated with the project (at $65/hour). This fee will be paid before the permit is issued. Some of the activities that require a monitor include but are not limited to: filming or photography in thermal areas (filming in most backcountry thermal areas is prohibited) and when filming "talent" along the roadway or in developed areas. A monitor may not be required when filming talent out of the view of general public or >50yds away from groups of visitors. Monitors are generally required for large crews or projects with extensive equipment, or when there is potential for impacts to visitor use or resource damage

Current Location fees**

Motion Pictures/Videos
3-10 people $150/day
11 - 30 people $250/day
31 - 49 people $500/day
Over 50 people $750/day
Commercial Still Photography
3-10 people $50/day
11 - 30 people $150/day
Over 30 people $250/day

**2014 Location Fee schedule pending.

Did You Know?

Seventh Cavalry Ensignia Pin.

Prior to the establishment of the National Park Service, the U.S. Army protected Yellowstone between 1886 and 1918. Fort Yellowstone was established at Mammoth Hot Springs for that purpose.