• An aerial view of Old Faithful erupting taken from Observation Point with the Old Faithful Inn to the side.


    National Park ID,MT,WY

Fire Facts

  • In an average year approximately 24 fires are ignited in Yellowstone by lightning.
  • About 83% of naturally ignited fires in Yellowstone never reach more than 0.5 hectare (1.2 acre) in size.
  • About 94% of fires in Yellowstone never burn more than 40 hectares (100 acres).
  • In Yellowstone, on average, fires are detected at 3:03 in the afternoon-- fires burn most vigorously during the heat of the day, causing tall smoke plumes to be seen by fire lookouts or sharp-eyed park visitors.

Did You Know?

Dog Hooked to Travois for Transporting Goods.

Some groups of Shoshone Indians, who adapted to a mountain existence, chose not to acquire the horse. These included the Sheep Eaters, or Tukudika, who used dogs to transport food, hides, and other provisions. The Sheep Eaters lived in many locations in Yellowstone.