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  • Craig Pass Closed for the Season; Mammoth to Norris, Expect 30-minute Delays

    The road linking West Thumb and Old Faithful is closed for the season—traffic should detour through West Thumb, Lake, and Canyon. More »

Doing Business With The Park

A scenic boat cruiser crosses Yellowstone Lake in the foreground. Lake Hotel and mountains are seen in the background.
A scenic cruiser crosses Yellowstone Lake in front of the historic Lake Hotel.

The Commercial Use Authorization (CUA) program allows businesses to provide suitable commercial services to Yellowstone Park visitors, in limited circumstances. Services authorized will have minimal impact on resources and values of National Park Service (NPS) and remain consistent with the purpose for which the NPS was established, and applicable with all management plans, park policies and regulations.

The suitable CUA service categories and the categories we are accepting applications for are:

  1. Biking (131 KB pdf)
  2. Day Hiking (129 KB pdf)
  3. Locksmith
  4. Motorized Boating (193 KB pdf)
  5. Non-Motorized Boating (192 KB pdf)
  6. Overnight Backcountry Trips (111 KB pdf)
  7. Painting & Photography (127 KB pdf)
  8. Road-based Transportation (130 KB pdf)
  9. RV Appliance Repair
  10. Skiing/Snowshoeing (129 KB pdf)
  11. Stream & Shoreline Fishing (131 KB pdf)
  12. Towing
  13. Water Access (246 KB pdf)

Commercial Use Authorization Plan (587 KB pdf)
CUA Application (151 KB pdf)
Application Questions (180 KB pdf)
Visitor's Acknowledgement of Risk Form (8 KB pdf)
Evaluation Form (190 KB pdf)
CUA Annual Report (71 KB pdf)


Did You Know?

Fishing Bridge.

You cannot fish from Fishing Bridge. Until 1973 this was a very popular fishing location since the bridge crossed the Yellowstone River above a cutthroat trout spawning area. It is now a popular place to observe fish.