• Winter visitors watching geysers erupting


    National Park ID,MT,WY

Yellowstone Lake - A Virtual View

Relief map of Yellowstone Lake and surrounding area.

You are looking east at Yellowstone Lake (1) from a vantage point about four miles above Old Faithful. Twenty-mile-long Yellowstone Lake is the largest mountain lake in North America. Other prominent lakes include: Shoshone (2), Lewis (3), and Heart (4). Framing the horizon are the 11,000 foot peaks of the Absaroka Range (5), Sylvan Pass (6), and the fog-filled valley of North Fork Shoshone River (7) leading to Cody, Wyoming. Familiar sites include: Fishing Bridge (8), Grant Village (9), and Hayden Valley (10). Recent forest fires, driven by southwest winds, have left gray scars on the lodgepole pine forests of the Central Plateau (11).

Production: All elements in this scene, including fog and clouds, were created from wireframe objects rendered with 3-D software. Terrain texture derives from a satellite image merged with digital elevation data.

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