• A bull elk bugles in Yellowstone National Park


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  • Craig Pass Closed for the Season; Mammoth to Norris Closed Sept. 14-30

    The road linking West Thumb and Old Faithful is closed for the season—traffic should detour through West Thumb, Lake, and Canyon. The road from Mammoth to Norris is closed for two weeks—traffic should detour over Dunraven Pass. More »

Wetland Resources

Section Pages
Foreward (278K pdf) 3
Introduction (293K pdf) 4 - 5
Hardy Species: Wetland Plants (336K pdf) 6 - 7
Vital Habitats: Wetlands and Wildlife (602K pdf) 8 - 11
Misunderstood Landscapes: Wetlands and People (284K pdf) 12 - 13
Very Special Places: Thermal Wetlands (294K pdf) 14 - 15
The National Wetlands Inventory in Yellowstone (333K pdf) 18 - 22
In Closing (239K pdf) 24
Appendix: Wetland Classification and Acreages (132K pdf) 27 - 29
Literature Cited & Additional Information (160K pdf) 30 - 31
Acknowledgements (287K pdf) 32

The Entire Wetlands Document (2.8MB pdf)
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Did You Know?

Seventh Cavalry Ensignia Pin.

Prior to the establishment of the National Park Service, the U.S. Army protected Yellowstone between 1886 and 1918. Fort Yellowstone was established at Mammoth Hot Springs for that purpose.