Yellowstone InDepth Video Series


What have we discovered about Yellowstone's wildlife, geysers, and other natural features? How can we learn from the park's history to help us protect its future? In this video series, explore Yellowstone's most popular questions and important issues with park rangers, scientists, historians, and park visitors.
Discover more about the world's first national park. Experience Yellowstone InDepth.

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Episode 7 - Geysers
With over half the world's geysers, Yellowstone offers tremendous opportunities to see these geologic wonders in action. Explore the mechanics of geysers, their role in the park's history and what they teach us about the world in which we live.

Episode 6: Mountain Goats in Yellowstone
The mountain goat is not native to Yellowstone. It has come into the park from areas to the north where it was introduced for hunting purposes. Since migrating to the park this goat has become a threat to big horn sheep and our alpine. To learn more about mountain goat research in the park, watch this video.


Episode 5: Voices of Yellowstone
Many people come to Yellowstone to see the fantastic landscapes. Wise visitors also come to experience the amazing soundscapes. This video provides some insight into the value of natural sounds in wild places and how the park is monitoring those sounds as well as the sounds created by humans.


Episode 4: Generation W: The Generation of the Wolf
Kids these days rule their world. Just as our youngsters are teaching us how to explore the world through technology, Yellowstone's young wolves are teaching us things we never thought possible in the Yellowstone ecosystem. Discover how this generation of wolves is transforming our understanding of the natural world.

Episode 3: Bears - A Yellowstone Love Story
Everyone loves the bears in Yellowstone. In the park's early years, people fed them along the roadside and they learned to beg and scavenge at hotels, campgrounds, and the park's garbage dumps. But was the era of the "beggar bear" ultimately good for the people or the bears? Find out how this love affair has evolved over time.
Episode 2: Troubled Waters
On the surface, Yellowstone's waters look placid and pristine. But look closer-things aren't quite what they seem. There's trouble in the waters: Aquatic invaders-including fish, parasites, and snails-are moving in on native species. Follow three scientists as they search for answers in restoring health to Yellowstone's lakes and rivers.

Episode 1: Yellowstone's Restless Giant
The Yellowstone supervolcano is one of our planet's restless giants. For scientists, the question is not one of whether it will erupt again, but rather, when. Are there signs this giant is reawakening? Could it erupt in our lifetimes? Discover how geologists are monitoring the pulse of the Yellowstone volcano.

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