Inside Yellowstone Video Series

Join park rangers as they describe Yellowstone's features and processes in these two-minute videos. To watch a video, click the icons in the map or select a title from the list of episodes below. You can also watch and download using iTunes.
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Narrator Introductions

Beth Taylor
George Heinz
Kelli English


Along the Lewis River
Along the Madison River
American Dipper
Apollinaris Spring
Artists Paintpots
Backcountry Camping
Bear Safety
Bighorn Sheep
Biscuit Basin
Black Sand Basin
Bombardiers - Snowcoaches
Bugle of the Elk
Canyon Area Overview
Canyon in Winter
Clark's Nutcracker
Climate Change in Yellowstone
Cold Water Fishery
Continental Divide
Coyote or Wolf?
Dangerous Beauty
Death in Yellowstone
Extreme Cold in Yellowstone
Fire Lookouts
Fort Yellowstone
Geysers & Weather
Glacial Erratics as Nursery Rocks

Golden Gate

Grant & West Thumb
Grizzly or Black Bear
Hayden Valley
Hotwater Ecosystem
How Does a Geyser Work?
Lake Area Overview
Lamar Buffalo Ranch
Lamar Valley & Wolves
Lodgepole Pine
Mammoth Hot Spring Terraces
Mammoth in Winter
Midway Geyser Basin
Mountain Lion
Mud Volcano
National Park Mountain
Natural Bridge
Norris-Canyon Blowdown
Norris Geyser Basin
Norris Soldier Station
Old Gardiner Road
Old Faithful Area
Old Faithful Inn
Old Faithful Snowlodge
Our Glacial Landscape
Petrified Trees
Programs for Kids
Ranger-led Programs
Respect for Wildlife
River Otter
Roaring Mountain
Roosevelt Arch
Sheepeater Cliff
Telling a Geyser from a Hot Spring
The Expedition Yellowstone Program
The History of Winter Use
The Name Yellowstone
The Wolverine Study
Tower-Roosevelt Area
Tracks in Snow
Trumpeter Swan
Uinta Ground Squirrel
Virginia Cascade Drive
What Makes Yellowstone, Yellowstone?
Where's the Volcano?
Why is Old Faithful Famous
Wildland Fire Overview
Winter Activities
Winter Animal Adaptations
Winter Bird Watching
Winter at Yellowstone Lake
Winter Emergency Kit
Winter Maintenance
Winter Safety
Winter Wildlife Viewing
Winter Wolf Research

Wolf Cascade

Did You Know?