Purpose and Mission

Conference series: The purpose of the greater Yellowstone conference series, instituted in 1991, is to encourage awareness and application of wide-ranging, high-caliber scientific work on the region’s natural and cultural resources. The wealth of subjects and issues to be explored in Yellowstone National Park provides an unbounded font of research possibilities, as well as an unflagging need for their results. This biennial conference series, with the active involvement of professional societies and other institutions, provides a much-needed forum for knowledge-sharing among the hundreds of researchers doing work here, park managers, and the general public.
Seventh Biennial Conference: The Seventh Biennial Conference, Beyond the Arch: Community and Conservation in Greater Yellowstone and East Africa, reached beyond the boundaries of Yellowstone National Park to seek commonality and difference with parks built on the Yellowstone model, but in a wholly separate social context. Through a publicly-oriented discussion of issues that drew together national parks in the Greater Yellowstone and East Africa, managers, scientists, policymakers, and the public came together to discuss and consider the interdependence of both nature–society relations and natural and cultural history in local and global contexts.
Previous conference topics: Previous topics of the biennial Scientific Conference on the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem are shown below. Proceedings are available from several of these conferences. To check on availability, contact Virginia Warner at virginia_warner@nps.gov, or 307-344-2230.

1991 Plants and Their Environments
1993 The Ecological Implications of Fire in Greater Yellowstone
1995 Greater Yellowstone Predators: Ecology and Conservation in a Changing Landscape
1997 People and Place: The Human Experience in Greater Yellowstone
1999 Exotic Organisms in Greater Yellowstone: Native Biodiversity Under Siege
2001 Yellowstone Lake: Hotbed of Chaos or Reservoir of Resilience?
2003 Beyond the Arch: Community and Conservation in Greater Yellowstone and East Africa
2005 Greater Yellowstone Public Lands: A Century of Discovery, Hard Lessons, and Bright Prospects

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