Several people help install a permeable pavement sidewalk

Permeable pavement made from recycled glass provides an environmentally friendly walking surface for visitors at Old Faithful.



...continuing a legacy in environmental protection

Yellowstone's complex natural resources and human history can make sustainable changes to facilities, operations, habits and practices seem overwhelming. Yellowstone's managers believe strong leadership will help the park achieve its objectives and are committed to establishing a structure and process for sustainability that is collaborative and broad reaching. Leadership involves developing partnerships among employees, concessioners, visitors, universities, and innovative companies to create successful solutions.

Yellowstone Environmental Coordinating Committee


Goals and Objectives

Guide Yellowstone in exemplary environmental stewardship, striving to reduce human impacts on the environment.

  • Conduct annual reviews of Yellowstone's Strategic Plan for Sustainability. (Action items due: Annually)
  • Foster collaborative initiatives for Yellowstone that involve the NPS, park concessioners, surrounding government agencies and communities. (Action items due: 2012)
  • Develop strategies to engage with, and solicit support from, private sector organizations including corporate partners and non-profit organizations. (Action items due: 2012)
  • Develop and implement a project review system that includes input from experts in sustainable practices. (Action items due: 2013)
  • Identify opportunities for sustainability, and methods to reduce impacts on the environment in all planning, site design and construction proposals. (Action items due: 2013)
  • Ensure that databases identify and track key sustainability metrics. (Action items due: 2013)
  • Continuously explore emerging technology, and support assessment and implementation where appropriate. (Action items due: Ongoing)
  • Commission an annual sustainability audit and review recommended measures. (Action items due: Annually)
Reduce the impact of park development and operations on global climate change.
  • Reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions caused by park operations from a 2008 baseline. (Baseline year and % reduction consistent with EO 13423 and NPS Green Parks Plan). (Action items due: by 2016 - 30 percent reduction; by 2020 - 50 percent reduction)
  • Record, assess and minimize carbon footprint of all planning, design and facility improvement actions. (Action items due: 2013)

Live out a culture empowering employees to contribute to a unified vision for the "Greening of Yellowstone."

  • Identify key champions in environmental stewardship, define roles and responsibilities and provide support for them to educate others and carry out sustainability initiatives. (Action items due: Ongoing)
  • Provide opportunities that inspire and motivate employees to become more involved in environmental stewardship. (Action items due: Ongoing)
  • Empower the Yellowstone Environmental Coordinating Committee to foster collaborative, sustainable initiatives for NPS and concessioner operations in Yellowstone

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