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Interns helped study Mammoth Hot Springs irrigation and learned about Yellowstone's weather patterns to determine the potential for water conservation in the irrigation system.



…inspiring and sharing sustainability efforts

Yellowstone has a long tradition of teaching the importance of protecting natural resources. We recognize that improving awareness is a cornerstone of success for our sustainability program. Transparent communication through interaction with others and informing and encouraging new ways of thinking will help generate actions for positive change. We plan to use multi-media approaches, explain our projects, and share successes and challenges in a compelling manner to inspire sustainability efforts within and beyond the park

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Goals and Objectives

Engage stakeholders in Yellowstone's sustainability journey

  • Develop an annual progress report on sustainable actions allowing park staff and partners to learn from both successes and challenges. (Action items due: Annual)
  • Solicit input on strategies and actions for sustainability from employees at all levels. (Action items due: Ongoing)
  • Regularly communicate sustainability initiatives, ideas and issues using a variety of methods to reach a wide audience of internal and external contacts. (Action items due: Ongoing)
  • Implement a communication strategy to share information among: park management, other NPS and concessions staff involved in the Environmental Management Program and organizations working on sustainability in the Greater Yellowstone Area. (Action items due: 2012)

Tell a compelling story that powerfully communicates our vision and goals and inspires sustainability efforts within and beyond Yellowstone.

  • Identify key messages for sustainability and environmental stewardship. (Action items due: 2012)
  • Incorporate sustainability messages into appropriate plans, publications and media, educational programs and communication with visitors. (Action items due: 2013)
  • Ensure that messages are unified and consistent across the NPS and its concessioners. (Action items due: 2013)
  • Engage the general public and publicize progress and successes on sustainable actions. Highest success stories and lessons learned. (Action items due: 2013)
  • Educate and engage youth, incorporating sustainability into youth programs, and providing opportunities for youth to work on sustainability projects. (Action items due: Ongoing)

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