So You Couldn't Find All the Answers!

The following links will take you directly to the pages with the answers to the Scavenger Hunt questions. Do not use this page to find the answers unless you have really, really given up on the hunt. If you are not ready to give up, this link will take you back to the Main Scavenger Hunt Page to try again.
  1. In 1898 a trail was built into the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone so that visitors could be led on hikes to the base of the Lower Falls. Who built the trail and led the hikes? Answer
  2. When Yellowstone National Park was first established there was a U.S. Army base built at the north end of the park? What was the army's primary function in Yellowstone? Answer
  3. When a geyser has a large cone of stone that has built up over time at the base of the geyser it is a pretty safe bet that the geyser is a very old one. Which geyser in the Old Faithful area has the largest cone and is therefore probably the oldest geyser in that area? Answer
  4. One of the boardwalks through Mammoth Hot Springs was repeatedly buried by mineral deposits coming from the run-off waters of one of the springs. How was this problem solved? Answer
  5. In 1989 one of Yellowstones geysers exploded. I don't mean erupted, I mean exploded! When it exploded pieces of rock were thrown 216 feet (66 m) from the geyser. What is the name of that geyser? Answer

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