Young Scientist Program

A young student works on a paper in a field of grass

The Young Scientist program is available in Yellowstone National Park for students ages 5 and up.


A young scientist explores Yellowstone with a magnifying glass.

Students ages 5 and up—you can become a Young Scientist when you visit Yellowstone National Park! Purchase your self-guiding booklet for $5 at the Canyon Visitor Education Center or Old Faithful Visitor Center. Designed to serve three different age groups, the program coaches the young (and young at heart) to solve science mysteries by combining investigation in both visitor center and field settings. The program for 5-7 year olds is offered only at Old Faithful. Stop by the Old Faithful Visitor Center to check out a Young Scientist toolkit for use in the Upper Geyser Basin. Once your investigation is complete, you will be awarded an official Young Scientist patch (ages 5–13) or key chain (ages 14 and up).

Development of this program was funded by the National Science Foundation through a generous grant to the Yellowstone Park Foundation.


Sneak Peak: Available at Canyon


Sneak Peak: Available at Old Faithful

Young Scientist Old Faithful Cover

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