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For Kids


This page is not just for kids (there's a little Teacher Stuff at the bottom)!

For Kids of All Ages

Ever seen a Mooselope? How about a Bighorn Bison? Play the Antler/Horn Match Game and see what kinds of strange creatures you can make. It's good fun for everyone.

Test your skill at name recognition with this Geyser Match Game.


Younger Kids May Enjoy these Activities

Older Kids Should Try their Hands at:

Also, If You are Planning to Visit:

Kids ages 4 and up who will be visiting Yellowstone in person can become Junior Rangers.

Children ages 5 and up can become a Young Scientist. An in-park science inquiry booklet for ages 5 through adult is available at Old Faithful and Canyon.

Kids Who are Not Planning a Visit:

Even if you are not planning a visit, you can become Junior Rangers online through the National Park Service's Web Ranger Program.

You can also play the online game: The World Heritage in the United States Junior Ranger Game.

Teachers and Students of All Ages:

Be sure to check out our Electronic Field Trips & Online Educational Programs at Windows into Wonderland (we're sorry, this is currently offline).

And check our More Resources page for links to in-depth information on many park topics

Teachers and Students Grades 4-8 will be interested in visiting our Expedition: Yellowstone! pages.

Yellowstone's Online Photo Collection is Another Great Resource

We have over 13,000 publication-quality images available for your use. These images are in the public domain and are available for use, free of charge.

Did You Know?