Current Conditions

Geyser erupting.

Spouter Geyser in the Black Sand Basin.


Yellowstone National Park is Open

All entrances are open! The park is open 24 hours a day.

A white vehicle travels a recently plowed park road and steam rises off a nearby river.


Park Roads

Please allow plenty of time in your travel plans for road construction in the park. Check road construction and delays for more information. Travelling to Old Faithful from the South Entrance? You'll need to take the Grand Loop Road through Fishing Bridge Junction, Canyon Junction, Norris Junction and on to Old Faithful until June 11th!

Tent at lakeshore.

Tent camping in Yellowstone.



Fishing Bridge (hard-sided units only), Mammoth Hot Springs, Madison, and Norris campgrounds are open. For more information and campground opening dates, visit our campground page.

Bison calf in sage.

Bison calves are born a reddish brown in color. Calves will begin to turn brown after two or three months.



It will not be hard to see bison calves on the Northern Range. The first part of May is prime time for calves to be born as green up begins.

Bears are out. If you plan to hike, ski or snowshoe in the park, stay in groups of three of more, make noise, and carry bear spray.

Sign at Mammoth Hotel


Visitor Services

Services around the park open on a staggered basis so check our opening dates while planning your trip. Pay-at-the pump fuel is available at service stations. Communities near Yellowstone are open year-round.
Yellowstone Lake with layer of ice

There is ice on Yellowstone Lake until late May and sometimes June.



Spring in Yellowstone is very unpredictable and often brings cold temperatures, high winds and falling snow. Weather can change quickly in Yellowstone. Be prepared for changing weather conditions. Before traveling, check Yellowstone weather forecasts and advisories at Yellowstone's weather page or the National Weather Service.

Large boulders in the Firehole River are surrounded by steam with a tree growing on one.


Rivers and Streams

The Boiling River is closed.

A helpful ranger at the Mammoth Entrance waves a car through the gate.

The Mammoth Entrance Station


Latest News

If you're looking for more information about what is happening in Yellowstone, visit our News Releases page for the most up-to-date news. You can also stay informed and connected to Yellowstone through social media. We're on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr.

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