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Current Conditions

Visitors stand in a winter landscape in the Lower Geyser Basin


Yellowstone National Park is Always Open

The North Entrance and the road between the North Entrance and the Northeast Entrance is always open. Other roads in the park closed November 3 to prepare for our winter season. Learn more about visiting the park in the winter season.

A foggy morning makes it harder to see a bison crossing the road in front of a car.


Park Roads

Beartooth and Dunraven Passes are closed for the season. The road between the North Entrance and the Northeast entrance is the only road that remains open in the park. For information on roads outside Yellowstone, please call 511 from your cell phone.
Snow covers the ground and a picnic table at the Mammoth Hot Springs campground.

Winter camping at the Mammoth Hot Springs campground



Mammoth Hot Springs campground is the only campground that remains open year round in the park. For more information on campgrounds in Yellowstone, visit our campground page.

A grizzly in a snowy landscape peers out of the trees.

Grizzly Bear



As you enjoy trails, be bear aware. Bears may still be active in winter. You are safer hiking, skiing, and snowshoeing with groups of three or more. In areas of low visibility, make noise to avoid surprise encounters. Do not run from a bear under any circumstance. Carry bear spray and know how to use it safely.Be bear aware and learn more about visiting in bear country. Remember to keep a safe distance when viewing wildlife.

A red snowcoach approaches snow-covered Snowlodge.

Snowlodge at Old Faithful.


Visitor Services

Most visitor services have closed for the season. At Mammoth Hot Springs, the Yellowstone General Store, Post Office, medical clinic, campground, and visitor center remain open all year. Pay-at-the pump fuel is available 24 hours a day all year at all park service stations. Communities near Yellowstone are open year-round.
Winter services in select areas around the park will be opening mid-December.
Morning light on Electric Peak

Morning light on Electric Peak.



Weather can change quickly in Yellowstone. Be prepared for changing weather conditions. Temporary travel restrictions or closures can occur at any time without notice. Mud and snow tires or tire chains may be required. Before traveling, check Yellowstone weather forecasts and advisories at Yellowstone's weather page or the National Weather Service.

The Yellowstone River appears calms as it winds into a canyon.

Rivers and Streams

The Boiling River is open.

A helpful ranger at the Mammoth Entrance waves a car through the gate.

The Mammoth Entrance Station


Latest News

If you're looking for more information about what is happening in Yellowstone, visit our News Releases page for the most up-to-date news. You can also stay informed and connected to Yellowstone through social media. We're on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr.

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