• An aerial view of Old Faithful erupting taken from Observation Point with the Old Faithful Inn to the side.


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In the Shadow of the Arch

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This blog will give you a peek into the stacks and storage areas of Yellowstone National Park's library, archives, and museum collections. We'll highlight some of our biggest treasures, show-off quirky staff favorites, let you know about newly acquired collections, and perhaps ask for help with a few mysteries. Along the way, we hope to give Park staff, visitors, and all those who love Yellowstone a place to reminisce and share the unique story of Yellowstone.

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Did You Know?

Fire in Yellowstone Pineland in 1988

The 1988 fires affected 793,880 acres or 36 percent of the park. Five fires burned into the park that year from adjacent public lands. The largest, the North Fork Fire, started from a discarded cigarette. It burned more than 410,000 acres.