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    Wrangell - St Elias

    National Park & Preserve Alaska

Things To Know Before You Come

Mount Drum
Mount Drum 12,010', rises above the surrounding boreal forest.
N. Hannan

Chances are, Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve is unlike any park you've experienced. It's remote and undeveloped, beautiful and vast. The links above and on the left will help you come prepared for all that this wonderful, challenging place has to offer.

This is a rural and remote part of Alaska. To ensure your visit is a successful one, please "plan ahead and prepare" by exploring this website to learn more about safety considerations, things to do, services, accommodations, weather, and frequently asked questions.

For further assistance and trip planning, contact any of our visitor contact stations.

Did You Know?

boreal forest

The boreal forest is the coldest and largest land ecosystem on the planet…even colder than the Arctic tundra.