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The McCarthy Road

Alaskan Adventure!
The 60-mile McCarthy road offers Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve visitors a unique opportunity to explore interior Alaska. Natural and historic wonders await those visitors willing to accept travel and access on Alaskan terms.

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Getting There is Half the Fun!
Brochure that tells you how to drive, ride, or fly to McCarthy.


Driving this road is an Alaskan adventure! Although regularly maintained by the State of Alaska, the gravel surface makes for slow travel-it usually takes two hours each way. Other hazards can make it even longer: there are curves with limited visibility; heavy rain can make the road muddy and slippery; sharp rocks can cause flat tires; narrow and one-lane bridges make maneuvering large vehicles difficult. In fact, large vehicles are not encouraged to drive this road. Under normal summer conditions, most two-wheel drive vehicles can make the trip without difficulty, but be sure to carry at least one spare tire and an adequate jack.

There is NO GAS along the McCarthy Road. At this time, the last place to obtain fuel is in Kenny Lake, AK.

At the end of the road, you will find parking areas and two foot bridges that cross the Kennicott River and lead to McCarthy and Kennecott. Access to McCarthy is by foot, bike, or shuttle.

The McCarthy road provides access to interesting geology, great hiking, fishing, and camping, as well as the wonderful historic communities of McCarthy and Kennecott.


Did You Know?

Downtown Glennallen

The village of Glennallen derives its name from the combined last names of Capt. Edwin F. Glenn and Lt. Henry T Allen, both instrumental in the early exploration of the of the Copper River Basin.