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Schedule of Events

What's Happening?
Schedule of Events

Bird Day 2011
Wings Over the Wrangells event at the Copper Center Visitor Center.
Special Events!

Periodically we have special events in the park. Here's a list of events that are scheduled for 2014. Check back for updates!

Wilderness Act 50th Anniversary Digital Photo Contest - Entries accepted April 19 - May 31, 2014.

Climate Change and the Glaciers of Wrangell-St. Elias by Mike Loso - June 2, 2014 7:00pm in the Copper Center Visitor Center theater.
More details to come.

Wings Over the Wrangells
August 13, 2014: Tentative Date, more details to come

Did You Know?

Alaska Blackfish

The Alaska Blackfish is unique because it has a modified esophagus capable of gas absorption, which means that it can exist off atmospheric oxygen. The Blackfish can live in oxygen-deprived stagnant tundra or muskeg pools and can also survive in moist tundra mosses for extended periods of time.