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Guide To The Wrangell Volcanoes

Wrangell Volcanoes
High snow covered summits of the western Wrangell Mountains.
Guide to the Wrangell Volcanoes

Download the Guide to the Volcanoes of the Western Wrangell Mountains

Magnificent, breathtaking views of snow-covered Wrangell Mountain peaks await every visitor to this part of Alaska. Mount Wrangell itself, a massive shield-shaped volcano and namesake of the range, still signals its active presence with steam plumes, while nearby, Mounts Sanford, Drum, and Blackburn lie dormant.

Knowing that these large mountains are volcanoes provokes many intriguing questions: When did they last erupt? How tall are they? Will they erupt again? These are some of the questions answered in this guidebook.

Download the guidebook
Full color publication with images and graphics.
30 pages, pdf format, 8.5 MB

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