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    Wrangell - St Elias

    National Park & Preserve Alaska

For Kids

Junior Ranger Program
Ranger Kelly and a group of proud Junior Rangers
NPS Photo

Kids love Wrangell-St. Elias!
There are millions of acres of mountains, glaciers, wildlife, old mines, and adventure to explore. If you can't actually visit the park, you can have fun and learn about this very special place by clicking on some of these links...

Park Wise

Park Wise
Alaska National Parks for Kids
Online Classroom filled with activites, lesson plans & lots of fun!

Be Bear Aware
Bear Aware Activity Book
Become a Bear Expert
24 pages PDF file
Our Wild Neighbors
Our Wild Neighbors
Alaska Wildlife Activity Book
50 pages of awesome activities that are all about Alaskan animals!
Pacific Salmon Activity Book
Pacific Salmon
Coloring/Activity Book
15 page activity book all about salmon. How do they live? What do they eat? Their fascinating life cycle.
Download the Jr Ranger Gazette
Junior Ranger Gazette
Download the Junior Ranger Gazette, a newspaper about National Parks especially for kids.
Become A Web Ranger

Become A WebRanger!

Choose your adventure and explore our nation's National Parks. Earn rewards as you learn about your heritage.

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