Think of national parks as off-site classrooms! Wright Brothers National Memorial is a great place to learn about the history of aviation and  the American spirit, ingenuity, and courage. 

Whether you bring your class here for a field trip, are looking for materials to use in the classroom, or want  further readings, explore our website for various educational opportunities.


Every Kid in a Park logo of three kids playing in a field next to two brown trees.

Every Kid in a Park

Fourth-graders and their families can discover federal lands—national parks, wildlife refuges, national forests, and more—for free!

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Ranger with students

Plan Your Field Trip

Find information on what to bring, things to do, directions, and more for your self-guided or ranger-led field trip to the park.

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Wright brothers' first powered airplane

First Controlled Powered Flight Lesson Plan

Let your class explore the first controlled powered flight by the Wright brothers.

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Collage of Trading Cards from Wright Brothers National Memorial

Civil War to Civil Rights Trading Cards

Discover three of the more than 500 stories about America’s journey from the Civil War to Civil Rights.

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