• First Wave Statue Exhibit

    Women's Rights

    National Historical Park New York

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Friends of Women's Rights National Historical Park, Inc.: Preserving the Past Providing Inspiration for the Future

Our vision is to insure, in perpetuity, the preservation of the Park for the inspiration and full achievement of equality for all.

Our mission is to inspire individuals to support this Park, the birthplace of Women's Rights in America.

For more information about our initiatives, learn about our sponsored events, and to find out how we are accomplishing our mission visit www.womensrightsfriends.org or write to:

Friends of Women's Rights National Historical Park, Inc.
P.O. Box 145
Seneca Falls, New York 13148

Did You Know?

Statues in the lobby of the visitor center

Did you know that many women's rights reformers were also abolitionists, and that the writers of the Declaration of Sentiments borrowed phrases and ideas from the antislavery movement? More...