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Giovanna Guarnieri

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During her internship at the Women's Rights National Historic Park Giovanna Guarnieri created an educational video on women's fashions through the decades and how women have responded to these fashions. Giovanna collected real accounts of personal opinions of people from different backgrounds and showed how fashions have affected them. The video will be shared with the community of Women's Rights National Historic Park.

Giovanna's internship was paid by Eastern National, a cooperating partner of Women's Rights National Historical Park.

Giovanna is president of a club at her school, Schools Girls Unite, which sends girls to school in Mali in West Africa. She has been involved in many activities in the community such as her work as as an intern on the Howard County Chapter of the League of Women Voters. She hopes to pursue a degree in Global Health or Global Studies.

Giovanna is interested in researching how women have been affected by societal norms which have changed through the decades and how women have responded to them, such as the modern day expectations of fashion.

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Intern Ethan Lewis

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Ethan Lewis, a graduate student at Syracuse University, interning at the park through the generosity of Eastern National, a cooperating partner of Women's Rights National Historical Park, is passionate about history, civil rights, and social justice. The focus of Ethan's internship is to assist in the creation of programming which speaks to diverse audiences. "It's Alive, IT'S ALIVE: Women in the Genre of Science Fiction and Horror from Frankenstein to the Hunger Games" exhibit, which will run from October 4th through the 31st, is Ethan's brain child. He will be giving uncanny and haunting tours of the exhibit as Dr. Victor Frankenstein on Fridays and Saturdays throughout October and dares you to join him. Ethan will continue to work on new and innovative programming ideas through the end of May and hopes his experiences at Women's Rights National Historical Park will enrich him as a social worker while giving back to his community.

VIP Recognition 8-7-2014

Pictured from left to right: Stephanie Cassidy, Owen Smith, Robbie Hare, Sierra Barnhart, Helen Kirker

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Women's Rights National Historical Park honored the volunteers and interns who have assisted us during the busy summer months of 2014. Volunteers and interns assist the National Park Service at Women's Rights National Historical Park to preserve the places associated with the First Women's Rights Convention. They help us to tell the stories about the people who made these incredible events.

Intern Stephanie Cassidy was recognized for her public programs in which she used art to engage children of all ages in the Wesleyan Chapel.

Thank you for all of your time and dedication in helping us to tell these compelling stories!


Stephanie Cassidy


Meet the WORI 2014 Interns!


Stephanie Cassidy will create an art space for youth visitors during her Internship in 2014 at Women’s Rights National Historical Park. Stephanie will engage the community by creating projects which foster community involvement, heighten art awareness, and educate park visitors about the history of the First Women’s Rights Convention.

Stephanie is a senior at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, where she is pursuing a Bachelor's Degree of Art Education. She is minoring in Painting, Art History, and Printmaking. For the future, Stephanie plans to work in a museum or in a school district as an Art Educator. Women's Rights National Historical Park and the Friends of Women's Rights National Historical Park are helping Stephanie to pursue her dreams of using art to help others and raise awareness of important people, events, and ideas.



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