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Scavenger Hunt for Elementary School Students; Grades 1 – 4

Statue of Sojourner Truth in the Woman’s Matters exhibit in the museum.
Statue of Sojourner Truth in the museum at Women’s Rights National Historical Park.

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Grade Level:
First Grade-Fourth Grade
African American History and Culture, Social Studies, Women's History
30 minutes
Group Size:
Up to 36
women's rights, Anti-Slavery, Women in the Workplace, Slavery, Sojourner Truth, Suffrage Banner


Help your class get the most out of the exhibits in our museum by using our scavenger hunt.  This scavenger hunt will disburse your class throughout the museum and allow them to be inquisitive as they search for answers to questions about the First Women’s Rights Convention, the women’s rights movement, and the people who inspired and led the movement.  Just download the scavenger hunt (in either PDF or MSWord format), print and distribute it to your students before you visit the park.


To help your students to explore the exhibits in our museum and begin to learn about the Seneca Falls Convention and the women's rights movement.


Step 1. Download the Scavenger Hunt for Elementary School Students and print copies for your students before your visit to Women's Rights National Historical Park. When you visit the park's museum on the second floor of the visitor center, distribute the Scavenger Hunt sheets to your students along with pencils. Please DO NOT allow your students to use pens. Insure that the students write their names at the top of the first page of their Scavenger Hunt sheets. At the end of your visit to the museum, collect the Scavenger Hunt sheets from your students, insuring that their names are written on the top of the first page.

PDF version

MS Word version


E-mail Park Ranger David Malone at david_malone@nps.gov, and request the answer sheet for the Scavenger Hunt for Elementary School students. Or, pick it up at the information desk before you leave the park. Compare the answers provided on the answer sheets to the answers found on your students Scavenger Hunt sheets for assessment.

Park Connections

The Scavenger Hunt will help your students to explore the exhibits in the museum. The exhibits explore such subjects as Women in the workplace, the Seneca Falls Convention, Sojourner Truth, Women and the vote, and women and education.


Women’s Rights, Rebellion, Sojourner Truth, Suffrage, Slave, Antislavery, Convention, National Park Service.