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    Wind Cave

    National Park South Dakota

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Wind Cave National Park Video 3.1 mb RealVideo - An overview of Wind Cave National Park filmed during the park's Centennial Celebration.

How to Make Limestone - 18 mb RealVideo - a fun program with students learning how limestone forms.

Wild Cave Tour Tightest Spot Video - 906 kb RealVideo - Want to go on Wind Cave's Wild Cave tour? Watch this video of the smallest passageway on the tour route.

What is Boxwork? Learn about this unusual formation found primarily in Wind Cave.

Exploration of Wind Cave Exploration of Wind Cave is a continuing process. Current explorers discover about three miles of cave each year.

Elk History at Wind Cave National Park The history of reintroducing elk to Wind Cave National Park is a fascinating story.

Managing the Elk at Wind Cave National Park Wind Cave National Park is a relatively small national park and all of the grazing animals must share the land. Learn about how the park is protecting the land and the wildlife living here.

PowerPoint Programs - Download the following PowerPoint Presentations

Wind Cave National Parks Waysides and Trails - 6.8 mg

Black-Footed Ferret Reintroduction - 2.9 mb

Geology of Wind Cave - 2.2 mb

Building the Rankin Ridge Fire Tower - 1.2 mb

Centennial Fossil Site - 10.7 mb

Animated Animal Silhouettes - Artist Tom Brockman has created several animations of park animals.

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