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Seed Study - Symphoricarpos occidentalis

Symphoricarpos occidentalis - Common Snowberry

Symphoricarpos occidentalis - Common Snowberry

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Species: Symphoricarpos occidentalis
Common name: common snowberry

Seedling identification: Seedlings look much like the adult plants as far as leaf color and shape, but stem is not woody.


Symphoricarpos occidentalis – western snowberry
Average number of good seeds per gram bulk matter: n.m.
Average number of good seeds per gram cleaned: 101
Commercial estimates of seeds per gram: n.a.
Percent seed: n.m.
Percent live: 47
Collection dates: September 23
Collection effort: 48 grams in 6 person hours
Collection notes: Relatively easy to collect. Not all stands produce fruit.
Cleaning notes: To clean seed, wet fruits were mashed and part of pulp removed through floatation or pressing through a sieve. Seeds were dried then a little more pulp removed. There was a lot of pulp remaining in the "cleaned" seed.

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