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Seed Study - Ratibida columnifera

Ratibida columnifera - Prairie Coneflower, Mexican Hat

Ratibida columnifera - Prairie Coneflower, Mexican Hat

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Species: Ratibida columnifera
Common name: prairie coneflower, Mexican hat

Seedling identification: Cotyledons are small and rounded. When the first true leaf emerges it stands fairly upright from the center of the cotyledons. It's green on the top and gray on the bottom and finely pubescent. Later leaves are irregularly lobed.


Ratibida columnifera – prairie coneflower
Average number of good seeds per gram bulk matter: 893
Average number of good seeds per gram cleaned: 1910
Commercial estimates of seeds per gram: 1625
Percent seed: 59
Percent live: 58
Collection dates: August 16, 19, 23, and 30.
Collection effort: 52 grams in 3 person hours
Collection notes: Easy to collect however you’ll get a lot of litter and other flower parts with the seed. Size of the seed was highly variable.
Cleaning notes: Bulk measurement was off the stalks with calyx but no leaves. Clean seed was hard seed with the calyx still attached.

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