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    Wind Cave

    National Park South Dakota


Family Name Scientific Name Habitat
lichens which are shrub-like or somewhat woody
Alectoria glabra Ponderosa Pine
Cladonia chlorophaea


C. coniocraea Soil
C. robbinsi Soil
Ephebe lanata Rock
Ramalina intermedia Rock
Stereocaulon albicans Rock
Usnea cavernosa Ponderosa Pine
U. fulvoreagens Ponderosa Pine
U. hirta Ponderosa Pine

lichens which are scaly

Lecidea rubiformis Soil

L. russelli

Toninia caeruleonigricans Soil
lichens shaped or depressed like an umbilicus or navel
Lecanora chrysoleuca Rock
L. melanopthalma Rock
Umbilicaria hyperborea Rock
U. papulosa Rock
U. torrefacta Rock
U. vella Rock
species covered with leaves; leafy
Caloplaca elegans Rock
Candelaria concolor American Elm
Cetraria fendleri Ponderosa Pine
Parmelia chlorochoa


P. cumberlandia Rock
P. laevigata Ponderosa Pine
P. sulcata Soil
P. ulophyllodes Ponderosa Pine
Pannaria pityrea Ponderosa Pine

Peltigera canina

Physcia aipolia American Elm
P. caesia Rock
P. callosa Rock
P. dubia Rock
P. pulverulenta Ponderosa Pine
P. stellaris American Elm
Platismatia glauca (Cetraria glauca) Rock
Xanthoria fallax American Elm
X. polycarpa American Elm
lichens which have a hard and bittle texture; those pressed closely to a rocky surface
Acrospora stigmata Rock
A. schleicheri Rock
Candelariella vitellina Bison Tooth
Cyphelium tigillare Fence
Dimelaena oreina (Rhinodina oreina) Rock
Holocarpa pyracea (Calolaca pyracea) Aspen and Tooth
Lecania erysibe


Lecanora cinerea Rock
L. cenisia Rock
L. frustulosa Rock
Lecidella stigmatea (Lecidia stigmata) Rock
Pyrenula leucoplaca Aspen
Rhizocarpon disporum Rock
Verrucaria rupestris


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Littleleaf Pussytoes

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