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    National Park South Dakota

Abstract - Preliminary Report on Heavy Metals in Sediments of Wind Cave, Jasper Cave and Jewel Cave, South Dakota

Luiszer, Fred. 1992. Preliminary report on heavy metals in sediments of Wind Cave, Jasper Cave and Jewel Cave, South Dakota. 4 p.


Study of Mn-oxide and Fe-oxide sediments at the Cave of the Winds, Manitou Springs, Colorado has revealed the presence of trace to percent amounts of adsorbed Pb, As, W, and Sb in the oxides. One might suspect that similar sediments in other caves with the same speleogenesis should have the same elements. To test this hypothesis samples of similar sediments from Wind Cave, Jasper Cave and Jewel Cave were collected and analyzed for Pb, As, W, and Sb. Very fine grained dark red, orange, or yellow sediment (Fe-oxides) and very fine grained black sediment (Mn-oxides) were sampled because study at the Cave of the Winds has shown that these sediments had high concentrations of heavy metals.

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