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    Wind Cave

    National Park South Dakota

Abstract - Preliminary Field Report

Manganaro, Carol A. 1992. Preliminary Field Report. 3 p.


Paleontological research was conducted by Dr. Jim Mead and Carol Manganaro of Northern Arizona University in Graveyard Cave and Salamander Cave (WICA) during the month of July. Five days were spent working in Graveyard Cave and one day spent completing work in Salamander Cave which excavated during the 1991 field season. Two to four people were working in the caves at any given time. Submitted by Dr. Jim Mead and Carol A. Manganaro.

Did You Know?

American bison on the Wind Cave National Park prairie

The American bison is the largest terrestrial mammal in North America. Male bison can weigh a ton and can run 35 miles per hour. Do not approach bison. They weigh more and can outrun you. More...