• Wind Cave National Park - Two Worlds

    Wind Cave

    National Park South Dakota

Abstract - Game Preserve 1912-1935

Game Preserve 1912-1935. Various Documents


  • Hoyt, Harrison-Game Reserve Manager 1928-1935
  • USBS WCGP Animal Census
  • USBS WCGP Antelope
  • USBS WCGP Bison
  • USBS WCGP Deer
  • USBS WCGP Inspection Reports
  • USBS WCGP Maps
  • USBS WCGP Monthly Report on Res. Animals Jan. 1925-Dec. 1933
  • USBS WCGP Mountain Sheep
  • USBS WCGP Prairie Dogs
  • USBS WCGP Predators
  • USBS WCGP Quarterly Reports
  • USBS WCGP Reservation History
  • USBS WCGP Surplus Animals
  • USBS WCGP Transfer to Wind Cave NP
  • USBS WCGP Warden's Annual Reports
  • USBS WCGP Warden's Weekly Report
  • USBS WCGP Wind Cave NP Matters

Did You Know?

Field Milkvetch

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