• Wind Cave National Park - Two Worlds

    Wind Cave

    National Park South Dakota

Abstract - Game Preserve 1912-1935

Game Preserve 1912-1935. Various Documents


  • Hoyt, Harrison-Game Reserve Manager 1928-1935
  • USBS WCGP Animal Census
  • USBS WCGP Antelope
  • USBS WCGP Bison
  • USBS WCGP Deer
  • USBS WCGP Inspection Reports
  • USBS WCGP Maps
  • USBS WCGP Monthly Report on Res. Animals Jan. 1925-Dec. 1933
  • USBS WCGP Mountain Sheep
  • USBS WCGP Prairie Dogs
  • USBS WCGP Predators
  • USBS WCGP Quarterly Reports
  • USBS WCGP Reservation History
  • USBS WCGP Surplus Animals
  • USBS WCGP Transfer to Wind Cave NP
  • USBS WCGP Warden's Annual Reports
  • USBS WCGP Warden's Weekly Report
  • USBS WCGP Wind Cave NP Matters

Did You Know?

Porcupine in tree

Porcupine babies are called porcupettes. When they are born they have 15,000 quills. Porcupettes are born in the spring and, lucky for mom, the quills are soft. They can climb trees within an hour of birth. More...