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    National Park South Dakota

Abstract - Checklist of Plants of Wind Cave National Park

Brutvan, B. and Klukas, R. 1982. Checklist of Plants of Wind Cave National Park. 32 p.


This plant checklist is based on a master checklist prepared by B. Brutvan and R. Klukas in 1982 for the Wind Cave National Park (WICA) herbarium and seed collection. The systematic treatment follows that used by Theodore Van Bruggen in his book The Vascular Plants of South Dakota (1976. The Iowa Statue University Press, Ames, Iowa 50010). "the sequence of families in the Angiospermae is basically according to Engler and Prantl... the genera are listed alphabetically."

Did You Know?

Star Lily

The Star Lilly (Leucocrinum montanum) has several common names including sand lily, sage lily, mountain lily, wild tuberose, and Star-of-Bethlehem. The word Leucocrinum comes from Greek meaning "white lily." More...