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    Wind Cave

    National Park South Dakota

Abstract - An Inventory System for Large Cave Systems

Nepsted, Jim. 1993. An Inventory System for Large Cave Systems. Proceedings of the 1991 National Cave Management Symposium. pp. 222-234.


With the advent of Geographic Information System (GIS) software designed specifically for caves, complete resource inventories of cave systems have become more important than ever. After several years of experimentation, Wind Cave National Park has devised an inventory system which allows data to be collected in a form easily used by a cave GIS. The system consists of a series of forms used in the cave for recording information, and a data entry program which minimizes that amount of time spent entering the information into a dBASE III Plus database for use by the GIS. The system was designed to be used in both previously explored passages, and in newly discovered passages during the survey process. Designed for use in a large cave, the system allows detailed inventory information to be collected and entered in a minimal amount of time.

Did You Know?

Natural Entrance of Wind Cave

Winds caused by changes in barometric pressure are what give Wind Cave its name. These winds have been measured at the cave's walk-in entrance at over 70 mph. The winds at the natural entrance of the cave attracted the attention of Native Americans and early settlers.