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Abstract - Hydrologic Study of Jewel and Wind Caves

Alexander, E. Calvin, Jr. 1986. Hydrologic Study of Jewel and Wind Caves. University of Wyoming - National Park Service Research Center. pp. 177-183.


This report consists of a progress summary of work done in the first half of the second year of study. The research underway had the following objectives: 1. To evaluate the water distribution within the areas of Jewel and Wind Caves; 2. To determine the effects of human impact upon the natural hydrological system; 3. To document any detrimental effects to the water quality; 4. To document any instances in which the cave environment is adversely affected by the quality or quantity of the water present; and 5. To provide options to present water use practices if necessary. Note: Included is a short list of publications based on this project.

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