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Abstract - A Botanical Survey of the Black Hills of South Dakota

McIntosh, Arthur C. 1931. A Botanical Survey of the Black Hills of South Dakota. The Black Hills Engineer 19. pp. 159-278.


The following article is the result of more than twelve months spent in botanical field work in the Black Hills during the summers of 1924 to 1930 inclusive, and of a review of the literature dealing with the exploration, geology, paleontology and botany of the region. In order to form a suitable background for a proper understanding of the environment of the modern flora and tot approach the subject from a historical standpoint sections on geography, geology, soils, climate and fossil plants have been included. As each section is more or less a unit, certain ones, such as those on geography, geology and climate may be omitted by the reader already familiar with such features. A fairly complete bibliography is appended, which should be of value to any reader desiring furhter details.

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