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Wind Cave Room - Phantom Lake

Rene Ohms chimneys above Phantom Lake
Rene Ohms chimneys above Phantom Lake
NPS Photo by Mark Ohms

A 250-foot long, 10-foot wide lake rediscovered by Rene Rogers on January 23, 1999. After finding this lake the exploration team consisting of Rene Rogers, Marc Ohms, and Paul Burger discovered a single set of foot prints on the far side of the lake. It has been speculated that these foot prints were from Alvin McDonald. Alvin reported discovering a river in the cave, which many people had discounted until Phantom Lake was found.

Did You Know?

fire on the prairie

Fire is an important factor in protecting the prairie. Historically, fires burned across the prairie every 4 to 7 years. Fires burn the small trees that would otherwise march across the prairie and turn the grasslands to forest.